Finance & Sponsorships Director 


As the director of Finance and Sponsorship, you will be responsible for all money matters and communications with sponsors. It is strongly recommended that the candidate has good organisational skills, knowledge of professional letter writing, and experience with budgeting.


Your responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Oversee and delegate tasks to the Finance and Sponsorship teams

  • Create the budget for all events and for the academic year

  • Obtain all necessary quotes for any legal documents required for an event

  • Handle all financial transactions and communications with participating societies

  • Produce all necessary documents to be provided to sponsors

  • Manage the society’s bank account

  • Prepare and submit all necessary documents for the Student Union’s annual audit

  • Serve as a co-signatory, together with the President, to the TOA bank account

Finance & Sponsorships TEAM 


Finance Division 


A finance team member should be confident with their numbers. Organisation and diligence are key as is communication. 


Some of your responsibilities will be:

  • Obtain contacts of payers and communicate with them on payments

  • Organise receipts to be given to societies and/or other

  • Organise the presentation of financial documents and statements

  • Help to finalise auditing


Experience is not necessary as you will receive training, but it would be useful.

Sponsorship Division 

The sponsorship team needs to be confident in their writing and communications skills. They need to be hardworking, organised and prepared to follow up on previous requests.


Some of your responsibilities will be:

  • Find and create a list of potential sponsors

  • Contact sponsors

  • Maintain open communications with sponsors


Experience with sponsors is not necessary but applicants need to be highly proficient in English writing.