Logistics & Operations Director


As the director of Logistics and Operations, you will be responsible for organising participating societies and stakeholders to meet logistical requirements and regulations. An ability to foresee any possible shortcomings and put in place contingencies are key to ensuring a successful event. Along with communication and delegation skills, creative adaptability and a keen eye for detail are favoured traits for this role.



  • Execute logistical organization

  • Report any issue of logistics to the committee 

  • Liaise with and organise participating societies during events effectively 

  • Create delivery plans, logistics list, and run-sheet for operations

  • Oversee the timely acquisition and budget management of logistics list assets 

  • Communicate with external contractors regarding rental/hiring their services with confirmation of payment, refunds and return execution

  • Clear communication regarding booking/payment deadlines with relevant Exco members

  • Ensure event meets municipality and emergency service regulations 

  • Book necessary venues for event day 

  • Ensure smooth operation of the event day by preparation and prompt reaction to any issues that come up for quick recovery

  • Effectively manage the Logistics and Operations Team to achieve the above points

Logistics & Operations Team


The logistics and operations team will be responsible for pulling the necessary materials together to run a smooth event. Members of this team should be meticulous, have the foresight to spot potential problems and come up with solutions to them, confident in managing groups with clear instructions, have good delegation skills and be able to stay calm under pressure.


Some responsibilities include:

  • Venue booking

  • Logistical organisation, including engaging external contractors to fulfil these logistical requirements

  • Liaising with and organising participating societies during events

  • Overseeing the event flow and reacting promptly to any issues that come up