Marketing & Publicity Director 


As the director of marketing & publicity, you will be responsible for building the brand of TOA. You will also need to cover as big of an audience as possible through both online and offline marketing, making sure that the events we plan reach the eyes and ears of many.


Your responsibilities include:

  • Oversee the publicity team to achieve the following points

  • Manage and build the TOA brand

  • Creating marketing content

  • Looking for and booking advertisement space

  • Plan publicity timelines and work closely with all the participating societies to promote events

Marketing & Publicity Team


The publicity team produces different marketing materials for TOA. A group of two to four will work together in cooperation with the director of marketing and publicity. One specialises in producing the design material, while the other focuses on presenting these materials to the public (social media, schools, website, etc.).


Design Division 


Requirements of the design team member:

  • Understands the overall sense of our brand and is able to incorporate that element in every piece of work

  • Possesses basic design skills, as well as attention to details and a creative mind to convey the message

  • Be ready to take in different input from the central committee and within the publicity team throughout the process of design


Social Media Division 


Requirements of the social media team member:

  • An active member of major social media platforms

  • Passionate about digital marketing

Some of your responsibilities will be:

  • Perform simple yet eye-catching post-edit tricks to reach (and impress) social media users

  • Work closely with the designer to generate and consolidate ideas 

  • Assist the director in exploring and executing different channels of marketing